Michelle Stasiukevicius
Michelle Stasiukevicius


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids Certification

The Gymnastics Course

First Aid & CPR certified


Michelle Stasiukevicius

Michelle began participating in CrossFit in 2013, essentially looking for a place to get a good sweat on. What she found was a great community and programming that put her in the best shape of her life.   And while, Michelle has always been active, swimming, cycling, paddle boarding and downhill skiing – nothing prepared her for the intensity that is CrossFit.

In addition to making her physical fitness a priority, Michelle is a huge believer that our mental health is paramount.  “It needs to be nurtured. Spending time each day, focusing on being better physically, for me, has strengthened my mental health. Every time I am reminded to stand tall during a deadlift, have a “proud” chest, or receive words of encouragement  from the other athletes in the room it increases my confidence level. When I walk out the door each day, I am better for it – and in turn so are the people I interact with.”